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Automotive Uses for Heat Induction

Stanners Induction heaters have a wide range of applications within the Automotive sector.

From everyday workshop tasks such as being able to heat up and free seized wheel nuts, track rod ends, drop links to freeing off seized components on hosing and plastics where normal gas torches can't be used.

All of the i-range of induction heaters are suitable for the automotive industry, from the mobile technician, dealership workshop, HGV workshops etc.

Contact us for more information and we will pass it onto your local Stanners Representative.

Badge Removal

Induction heaters can be used for many tasks, for example, boot badge removal.

Using the optional Scratch Protector, by gently warming the bodywork behind the badge, the glue can be softened allowing the removal of the badge without scratches or damage to the paint underneath.

Dent Removal

Dent removal is possible using an induction heater.

Using the scratch protector for our i4 induction heater, the dented panel is gently warmed in a localised spot, allowing the dent to 'relax', bringing the bodywork back into line.

Freeing Seized Parts

Exhaust Sensors can be one of the most difficult items to remove due to the build up of deposits on the threads of the sensor.

By using an induction heater, you can break the deposits by heating up the area around the sensor without risking any damage to the sensor or the cables running from it, allowing ease of removal.

Various Uses for Heat Inductors in the Bodyshop

Induction heaters have a strong advantage in that they only induct heat in metallic components.

In this example, a seized hose clip is heated up without any damage being caused on the hose itself due to the hose being non conductive.

Heating Delicate Parts

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