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Alesco Service Partner

Stanners is a service partner for Alesco within the UK, meaning we can provide support

for all Alesco A80/A800/A1200/A1800 etc units sold by us and can provide support and parts for your unit.

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The Alesco A80 (previously known as the Stanners i4 within UK) is a 240v 3.7kW mobile induction heating tool with liquid cooling.

With a carry handle, 1.7mtr hose pack and a choice of right angled or forward facing tips for accessibility and a long duty cycle with high power, the A80 is a useful tool for any workshop.

A80 Parts and Accessories

Stanners is able to supply every part of the A80 unit, from consumable items such as the heating tips to accessories such as carry cases and internal spares such as circuit cards, hose packs and more.

Some of our most ordered parts are listed opposite, for anything else, just drop us an email or call us at the office and we can provide you with full spares backup and technical support for you A80 (or i4) unit. 


ACE12 is a 400v 12-kW portable induction heater, to be used in workshops, maintenance and production facilities.


The unit requires an external water supply and can be connected to almost any water source, or to the optional NIX4 cooling unit.


Minimum requirement for external water source is a max temp of 40°C, and a minimum flow rate of 4 litres/minute.

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